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Fitness Motivation for Summer in Sydney

Fitness Motivation for Summer in Sydney

Velocipede has some tips for getting fit, active and healthy this summer:

Try something new

Ever hit the road in lycra? Ever gotten dirty on the trails? Ever ridden in to work? You can keep it simple by finding a few new loops to ride or people to ride with, or take it to another level by entering in a race you’ve never done. Summer is the perfect time to start!


There’s a lot of opportunities that you could be using to exercise. Swapping your car for a bike is easy for a lot of the short trips you do, particularly on the weekend. Riding down to the shops, park or pub is both great fun in the summer weather, as well as exercise you won’t even notice you’re doing. Products like the Garmin Forerunner can also monitor the incidental exercise you do (or don’t do), tracking all your movements on a stylish, discreet wrist watch.

Track your progress

There’s heaps of great products to help maximise your workout using technology. Magellan, Garmin, Specialized and Wahoo help harness your smartphone and free fitness apps to track, analyse and share your training. These fantastic technologies can give you more detailed analysis on your performance, heart rate and other key metrics.


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