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Four must haves for beginner cyclists

Four must haves for beginner cyclists

The feeling of liberation that emits through your body whilst cycling across the open road, hearing nothing but your tyres whistling smoothly on the ground as you breathe fresh air; oh, how nothing compares.

Once you’ve selected your gear, cycling becomes a sport or hobby you can cherish individually or with a large group, producing a wholesome personal and physical experience. Nevertheless, purchasing the right set doesn’t mean choosing the same equipment as the rest of your cycling comrades, it’s about finding the right attire you feel comfortable and safe in. If you’re about to begin your pedaling journey, I’ve come up with four ‘must-haves’ to accompany you and your new bike;

Road or Mountain bike helmet

We’re all born with a uniquely-sculpted head, thus a helmet that’s worthy of crowning our skull is imperative for protection.
A road or mountain bike helmet with an adjustable fit and a well-rounded hard shell ensures a comfortable and safe ride. Whilst shopping for the perfect helmet, you want to make sure that the fit isn’t so tight that your brain feels like it’s about to combust from no blood circulation, or too loose that it can easily fall and cause potential danger. Carefully move the helmet front to back, side to side, noticing how much exposed skin is covering your brow area; this will guarantee whether or not you have the perfect helmet for your head.

Road or mountain bike shoes

Often overlooked, cycling shoes are responsible for a staggering 35% gained efficiency in your pedal stroke.
Do you only see cycling as a hobby? Mountain biking with a pair of reliable running shoes are ideal for a short ride, however, shoes specifically designed for road or mountain bike riding will ensure your balance and safety. Road shoes are classified by their remarkably solid soles, creating versatile power distribution when pedalling, but aren’t designed for long walking periods due to its lack of grip and flexibility. Shoes used for mountain biking however, have a relatively stiff sole made from rubber, allowing effective traction for long periods of walking and going over rocky and hazardous trails.

Cycling glasses

Although it may appear as an optional accessory, cycling glasses are vital for its clear vision when facing the harsh sun, protection from the danger of flying gravel and small materials, insects and unpredictable weather conditions. It may take a while for a cyclist to be comfortable wearing glasses on the road, however, they are sure to guard you whilst riding and effectively prevent watery eyes.

Cycling gloves

Wearing cycling gloves is an essential accessory, preventing the start of nasty blisters and defends you from harsh falls and injuries. You want to look for gloves that are resilient, perfectly-fitted, and light enough that you’re able to feel the handlebar. We have an awesome range of gloves at Velocipede, feel free to pop on down to try a few on. When trying to find the correct glove, find material that’s easily washable, moisture-resistant and includes a double-padded or stitched feature in vital areas. All these aspects are imperative to the control and ease of your cycling journey.

Happy Riding.



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