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Social Rides

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What's the best thing about bikes? . . . Riding them of course!

All of us here love riding and hope you'll come along and join us in some (or all) of the Social Rides that'll be on offer each week.

The different rides reflect our different characters and the aspects of cycling that most appeal; road, off-road, and fitness rides.

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If you're new to cycling, or our riding group, please take a few minutes to read through these common sense rules that will make your ride experience more enjoyable.

Bring a helmet - Make sure your helmet fits you properly. No helmet no ride! Simple.

Bring water - Cycling is thirsty work so make sure you have enough water for the ride. Water bottle/s or a hydration pack are the way to go.

Bring a puncture repair kit - Be self-sufficient. Whilst others will help repair your puncture, don't rely on them to carry the spares for your bike.

You should always carry the following on a ride:

Spare tube

Tyre levers

Patch kit (in case of multiple flats)

Pump or CO2 inflators & cartridges

Chain tool and spare chain joining link (at least the chain link)

Multi tool in case any mid-ride adjustments are needed.

Dress appropriately - When you're comfortable on your bike you'll want to ride it more often. There's no need to spend a fortune on tonnes of gear straight away, but here are a few recommendations to make you more comfortable.

Knicks - padded shorts. Trust me. They work!

Gloves - they add a padded layer and improve grip for sweaty hands. MTB gloves will protect your knuckles and back of hands from branches.

Shoes - if not using bike-specific shoes, bring shoes with a good platform for your pedals that can be tightened properly. Resistant to mud is also useful.

Jersey - benefit is that it will wick moisture away from your body (like many sporting tops). Additionally, jerseys usually have back pockets that are great for carrying essentials.

Eyewear - whilst not critical, eye protection will reduce glare and keep dirt and bugs out.

Warm clothes - remember that you're moving faster on the bike than walking so when it's cold you will need to dress appropriately. Check with our staff in the shop for some option to suit you.

Right bike for the ride? - Here are a few things to think about. Do you ride your bike regularly or did you just get it out of the back corner of the garage. If the later, you may like our mechanics to make sure your bike is working safely. They can do a complete safety check and any servicing or repairs it may need.

Match the bike to the riding style you like. If your passion is mountain biking you won't be able to use a racing bike on the trails. Also, whilst some bikes are classified as mountain bikes, they won't hold up to the rigours of riding off-road.

Likewise if you want to do a long, speedy road ride, that hybrid or mountain bike probably won't keep up and may be too heavy for you to enjoy the pace.

Ride in to the shop before joining a ride and ask us about itIs the ride right for me?

Is the ride right for me? - Whilst we will always try and describe each ride; the route, distance, average speed, and level of difficulty, it's important to understand your own limits. Don't underestimate the effort and skills needed for even a short ride. We all like to be challenged and learn new skills or ride in new places, but remember our main aim is for all of you to be confident and safe during the ride.

We are familiar with all the rides so please get in touch if you want to know more details about any of the rides.

Completed Waiver Form - we ask everyone to bring a completed waiver form with you, or make sure you arrive early enough to do so before the ride departure time. It's important that we all have a clear understanding of the rides and we have a record of your emergency contact person. You can download and print the Waiver Form here

Selfie stick . . . Just kidding! But there will usually be opportunities for a couple of photos during the ride. We'd love to share your favourite ride pics with our whole cycling community.

Don't be late! - The published time is the actual departure time. Give yourself enough time to get bike and self sorted before pedalling.

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